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Lecture course (19aNMAG469p1, Fall term 2019-2020)

- Mathematical foundations of machine learning every Friday 13.30-15.00 at the seminar room Konirna, front building of IM CAS, Zitna 25, Praha 1.


- Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statistics, usually on

Wednesday 11.30-12.30 at the seminar room Konirna, front building of IM CAS, Zitna 25, Praha 1. You can subscribe/unsubscribe the mailing list

- Ongoing seminars at IM CAS, Zitna 25, Praha 1.

- Book (with Nihat Ay, Juergen Jost and Lorenz Schwachhoefer)

INFORMATION GEOMETRY Springer 2017, Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete

Recent preprints

- Diffeological statistical models, the Fisher metric and probabilistic mappings, arXiv:1912.02090

- (with Jürgen Jost, Duc Hoang Luu and Tat Dat Tran) Probabilistic mappings and Bayesian nonparametrics, arXiv:1905.11448.

- (with Domenico Fiorenza, Kotaro Kawai and Lorenz Schwachhöfer) Almost formality of manifolds of low dimension, (accepted for Annali SNS),


- (with Kotaro Kawai and Lorenz Schwachhöfer) Fr\"olicher-Nijenhuis backet on manifolds with special holonomy,

arXiv:1810.12714, To appear in "Lectures and Surveys on G2 manifolds and related topics", Fields Institute Communications.

- (with Domenico Fiorenza, Lorenz Schwachhöfer, and Luca Vitagliano) Strongly homtopy Lie algebras

and deformations of calibrated submanifolds, (accepted for Annali SNS), arXiv:1804.05732.

- (with Jean-Francois Barraud, Agnès Gadbled and Roman Golovko) A Novikov fundamental group, arXiv:1710.10353, accepted for IMRN.

- (with Lorenz Schwachhöfer, Nihat Ay and Jürgen Jost) Congruent families of tensors, arXiv:1705.11014,

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-97798-0_6, in book: Information Geometry and Its Applications, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, v. 252, 2018.

- (with Jürgen Jost and Lorenz Schwachhöfer) Cram\'er-Rao inequality on singular statistical models I, arXiv:1703.09403 .

- (with Kotaro Kawai and Lorenz Schwachhöfer) Fr\"olicher-Nijenhuis cohomology on $G_2$ and Spin(7)-manifolds,

arXiv:1703.05133, International Journal of Mathematics, vol. 29. N12 (2018), 1850075 (36 pages).

- (with Kotaro Kawai and Lorenz Schwachhöfer) Frölicher-Nijenhuis bracket and geometry of G2-and Spin(7)-manifolds,, AMPA 197(2018), 411-432.

- (with Jiri Vanzura) McLean's second variation formula revisited, Journal of Geometry and Physics,

Volume 113, March 2017, Pages 188–196, arXiv:1605.01267.arXiifferential Geometry (math.DG); Mathematical Physics (math-p1, arXiv:1605.0

- (with Alfonso Tortorella and Luca Vitagliano) Jacobi bundles and the BFV-complex, arXiv:1601.04540

Journal of Geometry and Physics, 121 (2017), 347-377 .

- The Calabi invariant and the least number of periodic solutions of locally Hamiltonian equations arXiv:1511.00638

- (with Nihat Ay, Jürgen Jost, Lorenz Schwachhöfer) Parametrized measure models arXiv:1510.07305

Bernoulli vol. 24 Nr 3 (2018), 1692-1725.

- Corrigendum to “Compact symplectic manifolds of low cohomogeneity” [J. Geom. Phys. 25 (1998) 205–226] .

Journal of Geometry and PhysicsVolume 96, October 2015, 212–215, arxiv.1504.05142.pdf .

- (with Yong-Geun Oh, Alfonso Tortorella and Luca Vitagliano) Deformations of coisotropic submanifolds in abstract Jacobi manifolds,

Journal of Symplectic Geometry, Volume 16, Number 4, 1051–1116, 2018, arXiv:1410.8446.pdf.

- (with Lorenz Schwachhöfer) Lagrangian submanifolds in strictly nearly Kaehler 6-manifolds,

Osaka J. Math.Volume 56, Number 3 (2019), 601-629, arXiv:1408.6433v3.pdf,

- Application of integral geometry to minimal surfaces (corrected version)

- The uniqueness of the Fisher metric as information metric

Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 69(2017), 879-896.

- Lower bounds for the circuit size of  partially homogeneous polynomials, ECCC-TR14-139 (2014), Fundamental and Applied Mathematics, 20(2015), 153-179

(English translation in Journal of Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 225, No. 4, September, 2017, p. 639-657.)

- (with Yong-Geun Oh) Deformations of coisotropic submanifolds in locally conformal symplectic manifolds, Asian Journal of Math., Vol. 20(2016), No. 3, pp. 555–598.

- (with Nihat Ay, Jürgen Jost, Lorenz Schwachhöfer) Information geometry and sufficient statistics, Probability Theory Relat. Fields,

162(2015), 327-364 ,

- (with Jiri Vanzura) Cohomology theories on locally conformal symplectic manifolds,

(Asian J. of Math, Volume 19 (2015),Number 1, p. 45 -82)

- Geometric structures associated with a simple Cartan 3-form

Journal Geom. Phys. 70(2013), 205-223.

- (with Petr Somberg, Jiri Vanzura) Poisson smooth structures on stratified symplectic spaces,

(chapter 7 in the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics Volume 98, 2015, pp 181-204)

- Constructing elusive functions  with  help  of  evaluation mappings , ECCC, TR14-140 (2014)

- (with Petr Somberg, Jiri Vanzura) Smooth structures on pseudomanifolds with isolated conical singularities

(Acta Math. Vietnam. DOI 10.1007/s40306-013-0009-0)


 My current and past collaborators

- Nihat Ay, Jean-Francois Barraud, Domenico Fiorenza, Anatoly Fomenko, Agnes Gadbled,

Roman Golovko, Alexander Ivanov, Jürgen Jost, Kotaro Kawai, Duc Hoang Luu,

Mobeen Munir, Yong-Geun Oh, Kaoru Ono, Martin Panak, Lorenz Schwachhöfer,

Petr Somberg, Tat Dat Tran, Alfonso Tortorella, Alexey Tuzhilin, Jiri Vanzura, Luca Vitagliano,

Guofang Wang