Teaching experience

University College Cork (lecturer, 2015/16)

- MA2051 Mathematical Analysis (Year 2, core) for approximately 65 second-year undergraduate Mathematics students.

- MA2007 Linear Algebra for 15 second-year undergraduate Chemistry students.

Lancaster University (lecturer, 2014/15)

- MATH210/211 Real Analysis (Year 2, core) for approximately 200 second-year undergraduate students.

- MATH313/413 Probability and Measure for 60+ third- and fourth-year students.

Lancaster University (undergraduate tutor, 2010/11 - 2013/14):

Modules of undergraduate courses at Lancaster University I have tutored:

- Year 1, core: Numbers and Relations; Discrete Mathematics; Geometry and Calculus; Series and Functions; Differential Equations.
- Year 2: Real Analysis; Complex Analysis; Linear Algebra; Groups and Rings.
- Years 3 and 4: Metric spaces; Differential Equations; Groups and Symmetry; Rings, Fields and Polynomials; Number Theory; Topology & Fractals; Probability and Measure; Integration; Hilbert space; RGeometry of Curves and Surfaces
- Laboratory courses: LaTeX demonstrations; Matlab demonstrations for engineers.