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SESSION: Topology in Functional Analysis


Description of the topic:

The session provides a nice opportunity for specialists working on the border between topology and (functional) analysis, topological groups, geometry of Banach spaces, applications of modern methods of logic, set theory and category, to extend and present results in this area. The study of topological properties of locally convex vector spaces goes back to Banach spaces. Linear algebraic structure combined with topology often leads to deep and important results relating both structures. In 1961 H. Corson started a systematic study of certain topological properties of the weak topology of Banach spaces. This work motivated several specialists to continue this line of research between topology and functional analysis. The work provided more general classes than reflexive Banach spaces, weakly compactly generated Banach spaces, and the class of weakly K-analytic and weakly K-countably determined Banach spaces. During the last 20 years, several delicate topological methods have been invented and studied, especially related with the theory of Banach and Frechet spaces, in particular Banach spaces C(X) of continuous function on concrete important classes of compact spaces X.

Last updated: 2.3.2014