Workshop Graph limits in Bohemian Switzerland 2018

March 26-30, 2018

The aim of the workshop is to bring together junior and senior researchers working on the topic of graph limits, as well as related fields such as extremal graph theory, probability, or real analysis.


The focus of the workshop will be on limits of dense and sparse graphs, and related areas such as quasirandomness, extremal graph theory, inhomogeneous random graph models, and algorithms for large graphs. Schedule can be found here.

Abstracts are available here.

We will have the following three lecture courses:


The workshop will take place in Janov in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland. The closest major town is Decin (16 km), with regular direct train connections to Prague (90mins), Dresden (40mins), and Berlin (3hours). You can search for public transport for example here (please note that there are several Janovs in Czechia, the one you want to go to is in district Decin). From Decin to Janov there is an infrequent bus connection. On Sunday, the buses to Janov depart from Decin train station as follows: 12:34, 14:34, 16:34, 18:34, 21:34 and the price is 27 CZK. The ride takes 50mins. There are also several taxi companies based in Decin. Auto Taxi Decin operates 24/7. Their phone number is (+420)412520520. One way should be around 500 CZK or 23 Euro. Credit/debit cards are not accepted.


Currently, the capacity of the workshop has been reached.

Participants: (as of Feb 23, 2018): Timothy Chan, Peter Csikvari, Endre Csoka, Ewan Davies, Martin Dolezal, Robert Hancock, Frederik Garbe, Jan Grebik, Jan Hladky, Matthew Jenssen, Tereza Klimosova, Daniel Kral, Jon Noel, Viresh Patel, Christos Pelekis, Will Perkins, Diana Piguet, Oleg Pikhurko, Guus Regts, Israel Rocha, Vaclav Rozhon, Maria Saumell, Bart Sevenster, Matas Sileikis, Jakub Sosnovec, Fan Wei


The venue of the workshop is Hotel Devitka and a nearby Hotel U zeleneho stromu. A room with possible two persons occupancy is 1,800CZK/night in Devitka and 1500CZK/night in U Zeleneho Stromu (in case of room sharing, two separate receipts can be issued). A single bed room in U Zeleneho stromu is 1300CZK/night. Full board is paid separately. At the moment, all the accommodation has been arranged. The last day of the stay is March 30.

Indicate your arrival/departure time and select your meals in a form. I sent a link to the form to all participants on March 22, the title of the email was "Workshop Graph Limits in Bohemian Switzerland: Last minute information".


There is no workshop fee. Thanks to the generosity of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, there is some funding available to cover travel, local board and accommodation for participants with limited funding of their own.


The event is organized by Jan Hladky who is hosted at the Institute of Geometry, the Technical University Dresden. Jan's mobile phone numbers are (+420)702882615 (Czech, preferred) and (+49)1707639168 (German).


There will be a projector, a 180cm x 120cm whiteboard and a flipchart. The projector has VGA and HDMI inputs (and a computer can be borrowed if yours does not have these outputs).