Thomas Jech

Professor Emeritus, the Pennsylvania State University.


Biographical data in PDF.

I was born in Prague and educated at Charles University (advisor Petr Vopenka).

I have held visiting appointments at the following institutions: All Souls College, Argonne National Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, CRM, ETH, Hebrew University, Institute for Advanced Study, MSRI, Princeton University, Stanford University, Universite Paris 6, Universite Paris 7, U.C.L.A. and University of Hawaii.

From 1986 to 2009 I was a managing editor of Annals of Pure and Applied Logic.

Graduate students:

William "Quin" Powell, Robert Mignone (College of Charleston), Wlodek Zadrozny (IBM), Carlos Alves (College of New Jersey), Qi Feng (Chinese Academy of Science), Tomasz Weiss (WSRP, Siedlce, Poland), Wenzhi Sun (Salem College), Charles Schlindwein (Lander College), Jiri Witzany (University of Economics, Praha) and Jindrich Zapletal (University of Florida).

Research interests

Most of my research is in set theory. My other interests include mathematical logic, algebra, analysis, topology and measure theory.

Following are links to some lists in these areas: Set Theory, Topology Atlas, The Axiom of Choice

Support from the following foundations is gratefully acknowledged: National Science Foundation, National Security Agency, National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Grant Agency of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Fulbright Foundation, U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation.


My publication list in PDF

Most of my publications are reviewed in Mathematical Reviews.

The list of my co-authors: Bohuslav Balcar, Andreas Blass, Randall Dougherty, Ulrich Felgner, Qi Feng, Fred Galvin, Wieslaw Glowczynski, Marcia Groszek, Leo Harrington, Karel Hrbacek, Menachem Magidor, William Mitchell, Tomas Pazak, William Powell, Karel Prikry, Saharon Shelah, Antonin Sochor, Jiri Witzany, Hugh Woodin and Jindrich Zapletal.

My Erdos number is 2 (four paths of length 2).


Jech's papers online

Most of my papers after 1990 are available online, in PDF.

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