Welcome to the web page of Emil Jeřábek*

I am a researcher at the Department of Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science of the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, with research interests in mathematical logic, including weak arithmetics and modal logic.



Institute of Mathematics, CAS
Žitná 25
115 67  Praha 1
Czech Republic
e-mail: jerabek@math.cas.skip-this-part.cz
office phone: +420 222 090 772
cell phone: +420 737 66 99 75
fax: +420 222 090 701

You can find me on the 2nd floor in the rear building of the Institute, office no. 522.

My CV. Some old stuff not related to my research.

Publications and preprints

Slides for talks


* TeX: Je\v r\'abek (the speck above “r” is neither \^ nor \u). IPA: [ˈʔɛmɪl ˈjɛr̝ʒaːbɛk].
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