Jakub Šístek

I am a researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

My research is focused on various aspects of mathematics for high performance scientific computing, such as parallel solvers for numerical linear algebra, scalable domain decomposition methods, and applications to problems of structural mechanics and computational fluid dynamics. I am also interested in vortex identification and vizualization in fluid flows.

Until September 2018, I was a Research Fellow at the School of Mathematics of the University of Manchester. I belonged to the Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing group, and I worked with Prof. Jack Dongarra on the INTERTWinE project.


email: sistek@math.cas.cz
tel: (+420) 222 090 710
office no.: 108
postal address
Institute of Mathematics
Czech Academy of Sciences
Žitná 25
CZ-115 67 Praha 1
Czech Republic
poštovní adresa
Matematický ústav, v.v.i.
Akademie věd České republiky
Žitná 25
115 67 Praha 1